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Waterberg Business Chamber

About Us

Who we are

The Waterberg Chamber of Commerce is a non-political business organization that accommodates all aspects of the corporate framework. We treat all our members equally, regardless of the size of their business or enterprise. We believe in and promote the free-market economic system and see no sin in making a profit.

We serve as the voice for local matters and hold regular meetings that provide our members with the opportunity to discuss matters concerning the area. We take on projects that directly or indirectly benefit our members.

Chamber Membership Benefits

Networking opportunities

Fruitful contact with fellow businessmen in the organized corporate world.

Information and guidance

Members can apply to the Chamber for information and guidance or for contact with other organizations and quarters.

Collective voice

Organized performance adds more weight than the voice of an individual. The Chamber is the channel through which each Afrikaans businessman and business enterprise of organized performance can make use of to their advantage and to the advantage of business in general.

Local connections

The Chamber has close connections with the local City Council.

Social events

The Chamber organizes evening events (Acquaintance events) for members and their spouses to associate with fellow members on a social level.

Promote your services and products

Members can distribute advertising material to fellow members during meetings.

Our commitment to you

High status

The Chamber has to be “sold” to the community to enjoy high status.

Membership benefits

Members will receive membership certificates and window stickers as identification of their membership.


The Chamber values the loyalty of its members, as its existence and survival are due to them.

We serve as the voice for local matters

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